If you’re having an event, plan on it being Amazing!

Don’t Just Have an Event … Have an AMAZING Event

Amazing Amy Events, an event planning business in Wilmington, DE, can manage every last detail of your event or special gathering – whether big or small.

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Memories are what create the story of our life. Some stories come from our everyday routines. And others come from those special, unforgettable occasions.

At Amazing Amy Events, we understand that perfect, one-of-a-kind, AMAZING events become the foundation of our most treasured memories. That’s why we pay special attention to the details. We get to know our clients closely and understand their needs so that we can design their special occasions with a personalized and exclusive touch.

We can help you with individual event details or we can plan your event from start to finish. Need a party theme? We can give you one. Want the best place to get that special something? We know where it is. Looking for the perfect venue? We can find it. Hosting your foodie friends? We can craft the perfect menu. Need to make it look like you did it all yourself? We can keep a secret. Whatever the challenge, we’ll find a perfect event solution.

Amazing Amy Events transforms any event – whether it’s a private family party or a corporate meeting – into a memorable, spectacular occasion.  Amazing Amy makes every event unforgettable.

‘Now this is amazing!’ That’s what we want your guests to think from the moment they walk into your event, until the last person leaves. And we’ll do everything possible to make that happen. I treat every event as if it were my own!”

– Amy Sassaman


How do we make your events amazing? We listen, really listen, to what you want. Then we do everything possible to bring your vision to life, with attention to every detail. We work with your budget to create that special event your guests will be taking about for a long time!

Trust us… because we do everything we can to make an event Amazing. That means sweating the details, creativity without limits, a flare for fabulous, and a real love for making sure everything is perfect! We have a lot of fun in doing what we love to do – event planning. However, as event planning professionals, we also know the important of organization and time management. We are obsessed with meeting our event deadlines, and we are experts at multitasking! What our clients love most is that we take all the stress out of planning your event.



  1. causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.

With all the different events we’ve planned and produced, and all the unexpected challenges we’ve had to work through, we know that anything can happen – that’s why we are particularly proud of our ability to stay calm under pressure.

Whatever the ‘surprise,’ we attend to it and get it resolved. We have everything covered. All you need to do is enjoy the event and your guests.

We’re ready with ideas for you!

What sets Amy apart from other event planners is her ability to really listen to her clients. She’s skilled at translating what she hears into an organized game plan for a great event. The talent and creativity is exceptional: Amazing Amy Events can make something out of nothing!

– Robert Andrzejewski